Wednesday, February 22, 2017

AchieveMint: My First Rewards

I joined AchieveMint back in October thanks to an ad on Facebook. This is a website (app available for Apple users on the App Store) that links to your apps and fitness trackers, imports the data and rewards you points for "healthy activity".  I have linked my Garmin Connect, Twitter, Foursquare, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness for maximum earning. I earn about 115 points per day with my healthy activities. On February 20, 4 months into my AchieveMint use, I earned my 10,000 points required to cash out a reward! I cashed out via PayPal and have an extra $10 to spend this month! I can now say for sure, AchieveMint is legit!

I don't like free money...said no one ever!

Did I hit my 3 month AchieveMint payout goal? No, but I slowed down my workouts at Christmas (who doesn't? Hopefully now that spring is springing, my next payout is a little quicker). Is $10 a lot? No, but let's not complain about free money. Will I be rich by the end of the year off of my AchieveMint earnings? No, but I will pay for a new pair of sneakers on Black Friday with my earnings. Was it easy to earn? Yes. Were there repercussions for days that my Fitbit was dead or I forgot to track my calories? No. AchieveMint is a friendly app that rewards you for what you do (and does not punish you for what you don't...I'm talking about you Pact). 

AchieveMint is my kind of app. It's a set it and forget it kind of program. Once you sync your apps, live your life and check it every once in a while to make sure its doing what it's supposed to. Check back in a few months and hopefully you're ready to cash out. It doesn't get much easier.

Perfect walking weather to earn more AchieveMint poitns!

Are you convinced that a few extra dollars every few months is worth it? Now you want to join AchieveMint? Lace up those sneakers and hit it, this is walking weather! There is not a lot of info on the AchieveMint FAQ website or Facebook page, so I wrote as I became familiar with the program. These became some of my most commented on posts of 2016.

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Still can't find the answer to your AchieveMint questions? Leave me some feedback in the comments! I'd be happy to dig into a little AchieveMint research (if I don't already have the answer)!