Friday, May 25, 2018

Red or White & Blue Sangria


Happy National Wine Day and Memorial Day Weekend! 

In honor of such a boozy occasion, I've come up with a two for one recipe...Red or White & Blue Sangria. Finalizing a menu that is a crowd-pleaser without driving the host into debt is one of the hardest tasks of party planning. Sure, you can throw a party where each person gets a customized beverage and dinner recipe, but you will probably need to take out a second mortgage. Sangria is a great party drink. The recipes lend themselves to large batches, but the question is always red or white?
Why not red and white? My Red or White & Blue Sangria lends itself to be made with either red or white, allowing you to use the same recipe twice and please the red wine drinkers and white wine drinkers in your life. Sorry beer drinkers, today just isn't your day 😉.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Don't Doubt, Just Do!


May is here (and so are my freebies) and with it comes my same old goal but a new mantra to keep my motivation alive. Putting off studying certainly crimped my plans more than anything else. Here I am a year the "dream". Don't doubt, just do!

I'm still studying my butt off (30+ hours plus a full time job and whatever attention home requires), so my writing is behind to say the least. If you thought my content has been new, I have had you well tricked, but my archive is well stocked and my posts are scheduled. Keep your eyes posted on my FacebookInstagramPinterest and Twitter for shares of old posts, recipes that keep me moving, drink concoctions  I'm trying, the occasional quick update and my resurfacing in July summer. In the meantime, enjoy my May freebies as consolation!