Wednesday, October 26, 2016

AchieveMint Update: How To Sync Apps for Points

A week and a half ago I signed up for AchieveMint, a website / app that rewards you for healthy activities. I have received a lot of questions and comments with regards to how the scoring works for AchieveMint, as well as how to connect apps and sync accounts. For more information on AchieveMint in general, check out my original post AchieveMint: Get Paid for your Healthy Lifestyle. For information on scoring and points, check out my post AchieveMint Update: 1 Week Later, Points Breakdown with what I have learned far. The easiest way to answer questions about connecting and syncing apps was to show you.

Step 1
Head to AchieveMint and click "Log In" in the top right corner of the home page.

Step 2
Enter your credentials and log into your account.

Step 3
Once logged in, you are directed to your "dashboard". Along the pink bar you will see the AchieveMint logo as well as a link to "Activity" and "Apps". Click "Apps".

Step 4
This brings you to your App page, displaying any connected apps. Click the blue "+ Connect A New App" Button.

Step 5
This brings you to the list of available apps to connect and sync. Select the app you would like to connect. I chose my Jawbone account. This will direct you to the website of the app you chose.

Step 6
Enter your credentials for the app you chose. I entered my Jawbone credentials. Sign into that app.

 Step 7
Agree or Authorize AchieveMint to access the apps information. Once you agree, you will be redirected back to the AchieveMint website.

 Step 8
Once you are redirected, you will receive a confirmation that your app was successfully synced! No you can repeat this process for your other apps and accounts.

Like many other users, I am learning AchieveMint as I go. Their website is certainly lacking in information for users and I am appreciating the questions and comments. Keep them coming! I am happy to share my experiences and answer questions. To sign up for AchieveMint, use my personal link and get an extra 250 points added to your account.