Tuesday, October 25, 2016

AchieveMint Update: 1 Week Later, Points Breakdown

I have been using AchieveMint now for 11 days. I have made close to $2, earning about 120 points per day. To sign up, use my personal link to earn an extra 250 points and kickstart your earning.

The AchieveMint website and FAQ do not have a lot of information with regards to earning points and the breakdowns. Here is what I have learned thus far. I have synced my Garmin Connect (equivalent of Fitbit or Jawbone), MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, Foursquare and Twitter. There's a few easy ways to earn and a few moving variables.
So here's the reliable earners...

  • In an average day I can earn up to 24 points for tracking my meals with MyFitnessPal, earning 6 points per meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack). Some days all 4 of my meals count, some days only 1 counts.
  • My Garmin Vivosmart HR counts my steps throughout the day, reporting back to the Garmin Connect App. I earn 1 point for every 300 steps that I take.  This obviously varies everyday, but with a 10,000 step goal, I earn about 33 points from my pedometer. The same is true for Jawbone or Fitbit users. 
  • A "healthy tweet" on Twitter (using health related hashtags) can earn you 6 points once a day.
  • A "healthy check-in on Foursquare can earn you 6 points per day. This can be to your local park, your town, your mall, your lake, anywhere that you could potentially be moving. I get points for my local lake.
  • My Garmin VivoSmart HR also tracks sleep, which also earns me 6 points per day.  This is also true for Jawbone or Fitbit users.
My typical food diary, tracking 4 meals for maximum points

Now for the variable. Exercise. I go for a daily walk on my lunch break. Sometimes I supplement this with a ride on my stationary bike after work. On my walk, I make sure to check in using the "Start Workout" function on MapMyFitness (available on the mobile app or website), as well as the equivalent on my Garmin VivoSmart HR. This doubles up my exercise points for a day. Checking in for a workout earns you points 6 points, as well as extras for the distance and the duration. This doubles when you check in over multiple platforms (ie. Garmin AND MapMyFitness). Here's an
average break down for my walk...

  • 6 points for exercising on MapMyFitness
  • 6 points for exercising on Garmin
  • 21 points for walking 45 minutes
  • 6 points for walking 2.1 miles
The same is true when I ride my bike in the evening. I start the exercise function on my Garmin and track the activity. After my ride, I track in
MapMyFitness. My bike riding points break down like so...
  • 6 points for exercising on MapMy Fitness
  • 6 points for exercising on Garmin
  • 6 points for riding 10.0 miles
  • 25 points for riding 43 minutes
The best way to get familiar with AchieveMint is to sign up and sync your accounts. There does not seem to be an exact science to how or when points are awarded, but at the end of the day, its free money! Be patient with the process and your accounts. Some accounts sync much faster than others. My Garmin takes up to 24 hours to sync to AchieveMint, whereas Swarm and Twitter sync within an hour or two. Good luck!