Monday, October 17, 2016

2016 Fall Wedding Style - Jumpsuit or Jumpdon't?

I spent 2015 concerned with the wedding fashion, ie. bridal gowns, tuxedos and suits, bridesmaids dresses, and apparel for moms, dads and grandparents. Now that I have made my journey from Miss to Mrs, my concern is with wedding guest fashion trends. My background in architecture and design gives me a unique perspective into fashion. I love mixing neutral tones with one big pop of bright color.

Ross and I received an invitation months ago for a wedding this weekend. My outfit planning began instantly. I've spent August and September scouting trends and checking the inventory of my closet. As the weekend approached, my gut was screaming to go bold and try out a sexy yet formal, black jumpsuit that I picked up over the summer and had not had a chance to wear. My head was screaming to go conservative with a reliable black dress and a nude heels. The age old question: classic or trendy?

Spoiler Alert: The jumpsuit won.

I did some quick Google searches about the formality and appropriateness of jumpsuits for wedding guests. The overwhelming consensus was that a jumpsuit could work but with the following limitations.

  • Full length (definitely not romper/shorts style - this is an evening affair after all)
  • Solid color (avoid prints and patterns)
  • Opt for heels, add color and sparkle with your shoe since you are going with a solid jumpsuit - flats can work but you're already going on the more casual side with a jumper, take this chance to dress it up
  • Add a blazer or tuxedo jacket to cover your shoulders at church or in the evening
Thanks for the awesome inspiration and advice racked and Glamour! Now, with enough confidence and the right direction, here's how my outfit and makeup came together.

I settled on a deep-v, backless style in black from Forever21. I could not wear a bra with this jumpsuit and followed youtube tutorials for taping (painful, but worth it!). I used 3-12" strips of duct tape on each boob, following my the neckline of my jumpsuit. Once the girls were in place, I held the jumpsuit put along the neckline and at my shoulders with a double-sided fashion tape. (My lucky husband spent the evening on "booby patrol" - making sure we had no unexpected wedding crashers! Poor guy!) I paired this with a black and white blazer that was already in my closet and strappy, sparkly heels from a wedding that I attended last year. I followed advice to keep my outfit to a minimum and glammed it up with my shoes and classic jewelry. I kept my makeup classic, with a smokey eye and nude lip. (Hair and makeup tutorials to follow, check back soon!)

At the end of the day, you have to be comfortable. If I had not learned how to tape myself into my jumpsuit and keep my girls in check, the jumpsuit would still be in my closet and the dress would have won. If you can rock it and feel confident, then strut your stuff!

Check out the "Kim Kardashian Boob Hack: How to Tape Your Boobs for Low Cut Shirts" Video that I used for instruction here...