Friday, December 1, 2017

Have Yourself a Merry Little December

November was jam packed with travel for All About the Benjamins. In the last week alone, we traveled nearly 3000 miles from home to Chicago and back and to Charlotte, NC and back. We walked over 75 miles while we were away!

Despite the chaos, I generally I kept my promises to myself and my readers...I offered an Ultimate Guide to Thanksgiving full of party planning tips, recipes and menu inspiration. I've continued working on my social media presence, tweeting, facebooking, instagramming and updating my stories more, to keep my readers satisfied, especially on days that I'm not writing. With my remaining 5 minutes everyday, I sleep until my alarm goes off and I start over again. With a nice back-log of ideas and posts, December should be another month of cozy coffees, gift guides and a Chaos-Free Christmas Manual. I'm dreaming of a Merry and Bright December!

Fall has turned to winter. Daylight savings has come and gone. I find myself living a life where I'm constantly chasing the sun. It is dark when I leave for work in the morning and even darker when I am driving home in the evening. I've broken out my space bag of sweaters from the attic and my flannel pajamas and slippers. The chilly mornings are perfect for cozying up in a sweatshirt with a cup of Abby's Peppermint Mocha Latte or Abby's Cozy Chai Tea Latte and getting ahead on Christmas wrapping before the rest of the house wakes up!

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What I'm Reading

Where I'm Going

  • Crazy!
    With a different Amazon package arriving almost daily, its hard to keep track of what's what on my bank statement and at my door step. Every charge and every package looks the same and with two of my gift recipients under the same roof, half the time packages don't get opened until its wrapping time! How do you keep track of your gifts and expenses without loosing your mind?

What I'm Doing

  • My Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Guide was a success. I'm brainstorming a Chaos-Free Christmas Manual and experimenting with Christmas-friendly crock pot and make-ahead recipes with seasonal fruits and veggies. Like my Halloween and Thanksgiving series, expect something similar leading up to Christmas!
  • Making some DIY Christmas cards and gift tags. Keep your eyes open for a related post!
  • Crocking through December...with weekly work travel, acupuncture appointments and intermittent Christmas shopping, my crockpot will be worth its weight in gold this month! 
  • Working with spices of the season to mix up my morning coffee routine at home, on the cheap. Keep an eye out for dairy free pumpkin spice and peppermint mocha recipes at home.
  • Updating my Happy Planner for December.

↓ Tell me what you're up to this month in the comments! ↓