Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Chaos-Free Christmas Countdown - 6 Days


The key to a smooth and easy Chaos-Free Christmas is leveraging your free time this throughout the week and weekend for prep. Use lunch breaks to run last minute errands when the stores are less crowded. Recipe prep in the evening while dinner is cooking and the kitchen is already messy.  It seems early to start cooking, but that's what your freezer is for! Focus on prepping and freezing the dishes that can stand the cold to minimize your cooking on Christmas morning. Watch the daily guide for thawing instructions later in the week!

December 19

T-Minus 6 Days Until Christmas

While dinner is on the oven or once the table is cleared, consider prepping a recipe or two for Christmas.
  • Have you grocery shopped? You can't make-ahead without the ingredients! 
    • Make sure you place your Instacart order for Christmas Eve / Christmas Day must-haves. 
    • Schedule your delivery for optimal ingredient freshness.
  • Prep Freezer-Friendly Pigs in a Blanket & freeze
  • Have you made Christmas cookies yet? Tackle 1 recipe per evening for a seasonal dessert ready before guests walk through the door. 
    • Store cookies in a cool, dry place to keep them fresh until Christmas!
    • Need some inspiration, check out my favorite dessert recipes on Pinterest. There's no shortage of cookies.
For more inspiration and recipes for a flawless feast, check out my Christmas Pinterest board.

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