Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Life is Better with Snow

December is always one of my worst months for blogging. I set the bar so high and start off strong and as the holidays approach, Christmas shopping, wrapping and eating get the best of me. Although I missed a few goals, I achieved others that weren't on the list.

I managed to crank out the Chaos-Free Christmas Manual for my readers. Check that out as a handy dandy resource for all of your holiday planning. Pair it with My Ultimate Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Guide for a conquer all strategy before Easter gets the best of you. It's not as far away as you think.

I also churned out 65 unique, handmade Christmas cards. No two cards were alike! They hit the mail a little late, thanks to a bout of the flu, but better late than never.

I signed up for an intense 10 week study program to really get my butt in gear for the ARE. Overall, don't expect a lot of new writing, but keep your eyes posted on my Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter for shares of old posts, recipes that I'm trying, the occasional quick update and my resurfacing in the spring. Until then, enjoy my January freebies!