Thursday, December 21, 2017

Chaos-Free Christmas Countdown - 4 Days


We're in the home stretch...hopefully the house is cheery and bright, free of dust and smells of delicious cookies (that are hidden out of the reach of rumbling bellies).

Today is all about you. T-Minus 4 Days is the midpoint in the one week countdown. Take a break and treat yo'self.

December 21

T-Minus 4 Days Until Christmas

  • Need to spruce up your manicure? Have your roots grown in and your highlights out? Not to worry. Call your stylist and your manicurist for an appointment before the last minute rush.
  • Sore from carrying gifts back and forth across the mall? Book a massage before everyone with a Christmas gift card starts calling.
  • Need to turn off? Pick up a book, make a warm cup of tea and lock up your digital devices for the evening!
  • Trying to plan a girls night out to exchange gifts with your bestie? Shoot for today!
  • Been skipping your regular workout or yoga classes? Hit the gym for a boost.

You do you, boo!

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