Monday, December 18, 2017

Chaos-Free Christmas Countdown: 7 Days


Happy Monday...just one week until Santa unloads his sleigh in your living room and family bursts through the front door! Are you ready? Fear not, I have the ultimate Chaos-Free Christmas guide. Watch for daily guides and to-do lists for the perfect Christmas day, starting with tomorrow (Tuesday).

The week leading up to Christmas usually looks like the whole year took a big poo on the page of my planner and left a years worth of plans crammed into a week. As everyone prepares for a week off of work or home with their tiny humans, deadlines at work are inevitable, half-days at school for the tiny humans make the schedule more difficult, and surprise drop-ins from friends and family have us turning off the lights and locking the doors. Follow my Chaos-Free Christmas Manual for a smooth holiday spent outside the kitchen and tucked into bed before the crack of dawn every morning.

December 18

T-Minus 7 Days Until Christmas

  • Check your naughty and nice list.
    • Do you have enough gifts for family and friends? 
    • Have you accounted for stocking stuffers?
    • Make sure your shopping is done so you're not running to the mall late at night or last minute this weekend! Get ready to wrap.
    • Head to Amazon for 2-Day Prime shipping on eligible items if you need last minute extras.
  • Brainstorm your Christmas Eve / Christmas Day menu
    • Whether hosting or bringing a dish to a family get together, consider what you need sooner rather than later.
    • If you're hosting, pick your menu and stick to it. This is the best way to avoid last minute grocery store runs. Consider having your groceries delivered to avoid the crowds using services like Instacart!
    • Use my Instacart referral code for $10 off of your first order and free shipping!
  • Compile your online order (this can be done up to 1 week in advance)
    Take a look at your recipes and cross off items in your refrigerator and pantry. Load up Instacart and fill your shopping cart with the remaining items on your list. 
    • Browse available store provided sales and coupons while shopping.
    • Schedule your delivery for up to one week in the future (no need to wait until the last minute to get your order in).
  • Don't forget to load cashback offers from Ibotta (I've earned $120 since joining in April!)
    • Check Ibotta for bonus offers and rebates on items that you need for Christmas. Consider different brands if cash back is offered on a competitor item! 
    • Even if you are ordering online through Instacart, you can scan barcodes and receipts once your oder arrives for ultimate savings.
    • Are you new to Ibotta? Confirm your first rebate and receive an $10 bonus for you and $5 for me! Use my referral code: vlwmugk

Chaos-Free Christmas Eve Crock Pot Extravaganza

Menu planning is always a bitch delight at the Benjamin house with one vegan family member, one lactose intolerant family member, and a bunch of weenie whiners. Despite my knack for menu planning, I share in the anxiety and stresses of it. Stop, breathe. I've got your back! Just like Thanksgiving, consider making the most of your ingredients and your appliances to give yourself time to do the important wrap some presents. Use my list below to compile your ultimate menu. Follow the hand DF (Dairy Free), GF (Gluten Free) and V (Vegetarian), AIO (All in One Meal), MA(Make-Ahead) tags for help.
  • Appetizers
  • Dinner & Sides
    • Crock Pot Chuck Roast (DF, MA, AIO) - recipe to come later this week
  • Dessert
    • Christmas Cookies (DF, MA, V)
  • Beverages
    • Pinot Noir
    • Cranberry Mocktails for under 21
For more inspiration and recipes for a chaos-free Christmas, check out my Christmas Pinterest board.
Come back daily for new to-do lists!

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