Friday, December 30, 2016

Welcome to the New!

Welcome to the New!

I started my blog back in April, the 21st to be exact. That was 253 days ago or 36 weeks ago. In that time I have published 46 articles (almost 1.5 posts a week!). Don't miss another by signing up to receive each post delivered to your inbox.

December was a notable month for me, not only because I did a lot of writing (+/- 2 posts a week) but because I bought my own domain for the blog. Yup, look up. You've been re-directed from my old address to the new! This was a 2017 goal that I blew out of the water with all of my (not so) free time this Christmas in the 11th hour of 2016. Shout out to Ross, Brian, Ely and Jimmy for their feedback and encouragement to give this a shot.

With my own website comes an updated commenting platform. Yup, now look down. This is what I call blogger yoga. I've integrated Disqus into my site for easier, universal cross-platform commenting. This means you don't need a Google+ account to comment. You can now log into Disqus with Facebook, Google, Twitter or your email and then you are good to go on any website using Disqus.

Too embarrassed to sing my praises or confess your undying love in front of other readers in the comment box?! I understand. Just for you, I've got a new email address to! Find me at For the rest of my social media and updated contact info, check out my Contact page.

And for the last bit of excitement (I know, anymore and we all would have needed a bathroom break to keep from wetting our pants in joy)...I have a new All About the Benjamins 2015 Facebook Page up and running for the blog. No more spamming friends and family from my personal account. Head over and give it a like!

Thanks to everyone for reading and supporting. Looking forward to a bigger, better year in 2017!