Friday, April 20, 2018

Starbuck's Hack: Abby's Apple Pie Chai

I love anything chai when there is a chill in the air. The spices just warm me right up. The apple chai is an old Starbuck's menu item from back in my college days. It was a tasty treat in the fall. It eventually went the way of other seasonal drinks (the Starbuck's Cemetery) but was still available to order if you're barista had any recollection. One day I caught a glimpse of my barista mixing mine up and was pleasantly pissed to see that it was just steamed apple juice with a few pumps of chai. I thought "wtf, I can do this at home without spending $4 a cup." Alas, like most other inventions, Abby's Apple Chai was born out of straight up spite.

Starbuck's Hack: Abby's Apple Pie Chai

Prep Time , serves 1.



  1. Measure 12 oz. of apple juice. Pour into microwave safe mug.
  2. Measure 4 oz. chai tea concentrate. Pour into mug with juice.
  3. Microwave juice and chai tea concentrate for 2 minutes (time may vary depending on your microwave).
  4. Enjoy!

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