Sunday, January 22, 2017

Amazon - Subscribe & Save

A few weeks ago I blogged my Starbucks Hack: Chai Tea Latte post. I talked about getting my chai tea concentrate through Amazon Subscribe & Save. Amazon Subscribe and Save. - a regularly scheduled delivery service provided free of charge to Amazon members. As incentive to set up deliveries and subscriptions, Subscribe and Save users earn 5% off of their delivery haul each month. For deliveries of 5 or more items, that means extra savings - 15% off your haul. Do you have a baby at home - that means 20% off of diaper subscriptions.

Even better, there is no added shipping fee. Subscribe & Save items are prime eligible and ship free for Amazon Prime members (even heavy items like dog food!). In the Benjamin house, we take full advantage of this service, between Ross, myself, the dogs and the cat. That's five different personalities with five different sets of needs. Despite being only two people, it's tough to manage all the items needed to run our house with full time jobs.

Now you're probably asking yourself "who needs monthly deliveries of toilet paper, granola bars and makeup?" Probably no one. When you establish a subscription for an item, Amazon suggests a frequency (every 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months or 6 months) which you can edit as best suits your household. Check out my infographic for a quick how to on setting up your subscriptions and finding Subscribe & Save eligible items on Amazon.

Setting Up Amazon Subscriptions

The Benjamin Subscriptions

I established our Subscribe and Save account in October. We are about to receive our 4th Subscribe and Save box. Over the months I have investigated what we are regularly running to the store for and if it is worthwhile to order through Subscribe and Save.
  • Pet Products
    • Cat Food - To me, bags of cat food and dog food are like hot dogs and hot dog buns. They are close but not the same size, so Tink always needs food at a different time than Coco and Chanel. Luckily, Tink's food is on Subscribe and Save and shows up to the house every 2 months.
    • Dog Food - Our dogs' favorite food isn't part of Subscribe and Save yet, but with hundreds of choices, your dog's might be there. 
    • Cat Litter - This was not worth it for us, our local pet shop carries a store brand that is much cheaper, even with 15% savings of Subscribe & Save. Don't be deterred here. If you are a brand name cat litter user, I would check out Subscribe & Save prices.
  • Paper Goods
    • Toilet Paper & Paper Towels - Despite having a Costco membership, the 15% discount and any available coupons brought the cost of these paper products way down, making it a Subscribe & Save win. With a 6 month subscription, we never run out.
    • Moist Towels
  • Health & Beauty
    • Face Wash 
    • Makeup Remover
    • Foundation
    • Bar Soap - We are terrible at keeping track of how much soap is left, usually leaving us frantically running to Christmas Tree Shops as we hit the last bar in our supply. 
  • Dry Goods
    • Protein Bars - Ross brings a protein bar to work everyday for a midmorning snack. Signing up through Subscribe & Save means he never is out of stock. The 30 pack is perfect for a 1 month subscription.
    • Oatmeal
    • Chia Seeds
    • Chai Tea Concentrate
Sorry Coco, nothing for you this month!