Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy (Belated) New Year!

2017: The Year of the Budget

Happy New Year! Better late than never - and in the grand scheme, it's not that late. Week 1 of 2017 isn't even over yet! Looking forward to an exciting and frugal 2017 with my hubby.

I'm always on the hunt for a deal but shout out to Costco Photo Center. We were able to order 75 photo cards and foil lined envelopes ran us $20.50 - unbeatable! (50 cards runs $14.99. Additional sets of 25 are available for 5.49). If you're a member, keep them in mind. I love that you get the same price per card no matter how many you buy, unlike Shutterfly and Tiny Prints, where the deepest discounts are only available for orders of 100+. Honestly, who knows that many people?

A quick cost comparison:

Service Used # Cards Ordered Cost Discount Shipping Final Cost w/ Tax Final Cost Per Card
2016 Tiny Prints 100 $104 40% + Free Shipping Free $66.77 $0.67
2017 Costco 75 $20.50 N/A In-Store Pick-up (Free) $21.91 $0.29

Costco rang in at almost half the price of the discounted cards that I purchased from Tiny Prints last year and they were ready for pick-up at my local warehouse the next day! I placed my order on December 23rd and couldn't believe that they were ready by noon on Christmas Eve. Give how late in the season I placed my order, I loved that I didn't have to wait several days for them to print and ship, perfect for any last minute shoppers like myself. Even more impressive is the difference if you're paying full price at a site like Tiny Prints. In that case Costco comes out to almost 75% cheaper! There are hundreds of templates for invitations, thank you's, and announcements at your fingertips. I also love the blank templates where you can import your own creation - perfect if none of the ready-made designs are doing it for you. Not looking for a photo-based card? Costco also offers stationary greeting cards, which are a bit more expensive but still significantly cheaper than competitors.

Have you printed Christmas cards or similar products online in the past? What websites have you used? How does their pricing compare?