Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Ultimate Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Guide: Wednesday


Hooray! You've almost made it! One more day until Thanksgiving. The finish line is officially in sight. The Wednesday to-do list is short and sweet, intended to keep the kitchen clean and the dishwasher empty. Consider grabbing a pizza for dinner or using paper plates for dinner tonight. Take it easy! This is the end of the Thanksgiving marathon.


  • Once your Wednesday night dinner is over, set the table for Thursday. Spread out the table cloth, dig out your pitchers and wine decanters, count out your silverware, lay out place cards, etc. Not sure of where to put things? Check out this handy graphic from HuffPost and add or remove things as they fit your style.
  • Don't forget to get out serving platters, bowls and utensils! Double check your menu to make sure you have all of the right serving ware ready to go.
  • Check my tips from Monday's to-do list for a festive centerpiece with whatever fall items you have around the house. Utilize pinecones, candles, etc. to finish your table.
  • Minimize your kitchen time on Thursday by peeling and chopping your veggies on Wednesday night. 
    • For roasted vegetables, simply peel and chop vegetables as needed and store overnight in zipbloc bags or covered containers. Remove from refrigerator and mix with olive oil, salt and pepper immediately before roasting.
    • Peel and chop potatoes for mashed potatoes on Wednesday evening. Store in a covered container, submerged in cold water. Remove from refrigerator and drain water when ready to prepare.
  • Figure out how early your turkey will need to go in the oven on Thursday.
    No one likes a raw turkey at dinner because it went in the oven too late. Take a peak at how heavy your bird is and consider you will need about 15 minutes per pound of cook time at 325°F. Add an extra 15 minutes to your total time for for stuffed birds. This isn't an exact formula, make sure your turkey reaches a safe 165°F internal temperature before removing from the oven to rest.

Don't forget to add some festive fall decor to your tablescape!

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