Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Your Next Move

Life is like a game of chess. We see several choices ahead of us, and we make our move based on the situation that we perceive to have the best possible outcome. But the player on the other side of the board, be it an actual human or some outside force, may make an unexpected move. And suddenly we're faced with a potential outcome we didn't see coming....In those moments, we have to ask ourselves: Do we surrender? Or do we keep playing in the hope that we will somehow be able to make it out that situation on top?
 You still have moves left to make, even if you can't see them right now. So please don't give up because the road ahead seems impossible. Don't give up because you think you won't win. You have no idea what victories you'll win in the future if you stop playing in the present.
So keep playing.
Always keep playing. 

Consider your bigger game of chess. There are still moves to be made. Your game is constantly evolving, adapt to your opponents latest move. Zoom out, take a look at the bigger picture. Do you have differing opinions from your friends? Take the opportunity to strike up a conversation about WHY. You already have a common bond in your friendship, politics should not break that - find out the fundamental reasons why you may have voted differently and where you each stand on pivotal issues in our country. Discuss where your candidates and parties stand on these issues. It's never too late to educate yourself on issues that you find important (that includes the other team's argument). Use a diverse group of friends and family to get informed about the coming change in power and policy. Be open-minded and reserve judgement. These are not the policies of your friends and family! I repeat, your friends and family did not write the policy of the candidates they voted for. Start a discussion rooted in respect and learning. Regardless of the taboo surrounding political banter, I challenge you to reach across the aisle and ask some questions, but most importantly, to listen to the responses. The more informed you are as a player, the better your game of chess.

For more tips on navigating political (or any potentially heated) conversations and dealing with social media overload check out this great cheat sheet from CNN. Happy chatting!