Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Friendsgiving: My Kikkoman Brine a Juicy Bird House Party

dairy free thanksgiving friendsgiving
Flexing with my pies!
Earlier this year I signed up for House Party, a website that sends you branded party kits (for free!) to help promote new items and generate buzz around specific products and brands. Each month several parties are posted to the home page, members apply, complete activities to get product information out there and then hosts are selected. I was selected to host the #KikkomanParty, a Kikkoman themed party to generate some buzz about product line and how it can be used at Thanksgiving.

KikkomanParty HouseParty Thanksgiving FriendsgivingKikkomanParty HouseParty Thanksgiving Friendsgiving

Anytime I talk about House Party I get 2 questions..."What is the catch?" and "Is it free? It can't be free". We already know that is free, so, the catch? Upon being selected you have 30 minutes to create a guest list and invite a minimum of 10 guests via email (no Facebook invitations). If you make it in this time, your Party Pack will ship and lots of cool swag for you and your guests will be at your door by party time. A few weeks ago my Party Pack arrived in the mail, stuffed with coupons for Kikkoman Soy Sauce and Panko Bread Crumbs, Kikkoman t-shirts, coupons and recipe cards for all of my guests, a cool Kikkoman oven mitt, and an American Express gift card to offset grocery costs. To keep your party and host account in good standing, you must post reviews of the products and party pics. It doesn't get much simpler than that! This was my third House Party. I hosted a #DunkinParty back in June and a #BordenCheeseParty back in July.

KikkomanParty HouseParty Thanksgiving Friendsgiving
Let's do this! Time to brine!

The #KikkomanParty was a Thanksgiving themed "Brine a Juicy Bird" House Party, featuring the Kikkoman recipe for Savory Brine. I opted to use the #KikkomanParty to invite our friends over for an early Friendsgiving celebration this past weekend. The party was an awesome success.  11 people turned up, luckily we were prepared. We served...
KikkomanParty HouseParty Thanksgiving Friendsgiving
Quite an impressive spread! 
KikkomanParty HouseParty Thanksgiving Friendsgiving
Time for pie!
I did all of our shopping this year at Target. They were running a great $10 off $50 grocery purchase through the Cartwheel app. I paired this with other coupons available through the app and brought my total to $57. Between the American Express gift card from House Party and Kikkoman and another Visa Reward card we had laying around from Verizon, the party was 100% paid for, including the trip to the liquor store for wine. Who knew we could completely cover the cost of feeding 11 people?!  This was definitely a great way to kick off the holiday season and sit back and relax with friends. Can't wait to continue the Friendsgiving tradition next year. Thanks, House Party, for kick-starting such an awesome tradition.

Keep your eyes open for recipes and portioning tips from the party, posting later this week! In the meantime, check out my Friendsgiving board on Pinterest, full of decor and recipe inspiration. Take a look at what made it to the party from my board.

KikkomanParty HouseParty Thanksgiving Friendsgiving
Happy Friendsgiving!

Here's a little food porn to hold you over.