Thursday, February 1, 2018

All You Need is Love

Despite my crazy schedule, I managed to plan ahead and prep some cute February freebies for my loyal lovers. As I continue to barrage my brain with architecture related bits of knowledge, bask in my latest creation for the month of February!

I signed up for an intense 10 week study program to really get my butt in gear for the ARE. Overall, don't expect a lot of new writing, but keep your eyes posted on my FacebookInstagramPinterest and Twitter for shares of old posts, recipes that I'm trying, the occasional quick update and my resurfacing in the spring. I'm full of ideas, fresh recipes and tips and tricks that have kept me fed and clothed through this journey. Until I get it typed up and shared,, enjoy my February freebies!

What I'm Reading

Where I'm Going

  • Still crazy! And I'm driving myself there.
    With an additional 15+ hours of work a week studying, I am using my smidgens of free time for meal prepping and laundry. Can't go to work naked and hungry...well I could, but it would be the last time. What are you go to meal prep recipes for Sundays to last or freeze through the week?

What I'm Doing

  • Buckling down and studying hard! I've found my momentum and I'm rolling with it!
  • Planning and prepping everything ahead. My queues are loaded and ready to fire off interesting finds and relevant reshares. Watch my FacebookInstagramPinterest and Twitter!
  • Meal prepping and crock potting my way through studying! Terra's Kitchen has been a godsend for nights that I just can't get my act together. Gotta keep my brain fed.
  • Using my Happy Planner to keep my sanity and track my progress.

↓ Tell me what you're up to this month in the comments! ↓