Friday, September 1, 2017

Sorry, Not Sorry! It's September!


My calendar (check out this month's new one here) says its September. Is that right? It can't be...last time I checked it was like June or July. Where has the summer gone?! It's Labor Day weekend, which is like the unofficial end of summer and what have I done? Well, writing for my blog wasn't really one of those things, but I did get to spend time at the shore (NJ and Florida) with family for several weekends, go out on the lake with Ross, and spend some time in NYC for my birthday. I plan to spend the holiday weekend with friends and family celebrating my birthday one last time and saying goodbye to summer. 

As fall creeps in, I PROMISE that more posts are to come (I think I have 10 drafts brainstormed, saved and ready to fire off to you). August was my worst month for writing last sorry, not sorry...I warned you a month ago 😊 So despite September being just as busy as August, I am more prepared.

Sorry, Not Sorry

For many people September means back to school and a more rigid schedule of activities, sports and homework. Even for those of us without tiny humans, the change in seasons definitely sends our lazy, laid back summer attitudes south for the winter.  

Looking at my crammed calendar invokes a sense of stress, which brings me to my September mantra..."just breathe"! Of course, this means a slew of freebies to go along with it. Check out September's desktop calendar, as well as "just breathe" Android and iPhone wallpapers and Happy Planner "just breathe" images. It is easy to look at the big picture (like these 233 tasks) and get instantly overwhelmed. Stop and break it down into a smaller picture. This IS a lot of SHIT, but it's NOT ALL IMPORTANT. 

This is where my Happy Planner comes in. For me, writing things down helps me remember. I can prioritize 1, 2, 3, color code things based on home and work, and cross things off as I finish. Things that don't get done are still there the next day and visible - especially when highlighted in "don't forget again" yellow. 

Just Breathe

Remember to tell yourself, "it's all just stuff". Take a minute to yourself to clear your head and just breathe! You are the most important. Don't let the stress of a new school year, a more rigid schedule or tighter deadlines get to you. It's important to step away from stressful and demanding tasks, like work, and clear your head. (That's why you get a lunch break!). Sometimes the best ideas and solutions come to me when I walk away and stop thinking about something. Everything will still be there when you get back. This takes a little bit of "sorry, not sorry" attitude and sass, but it gets easier with time! The most important thing to realize is that the people who care about you, won't care that you've adopted this mantra!

I have adopted several mantras over the last few months, including "sorry, not sorry", "just breathe" and last month's "stand tall". What is your favorite stress less mantra?