Wednesday, June 22, 2016

#DunkinParty - My Dunkin Donuts House Party

A few months back I signed up for House Party, a website that sends you themed party kits (for free!) to help promote new items and generate buzz. Each month several parties are posted to the home page, members apply, complete activities to get product information out there and then hosts are selected. I was selected to host the #DunkinParty, a Dunkin Donuts themed party to generate some buzz about their new Bakery Series line of coffees. The catch?
Upon being selected you have 30 minutes to create a guest list and invite your guests via email (no Facebook invitations). As a 20-something millennial, I know most of the email addresses that I have for my friends are outdated. I tend to link up with everyone via Facebook and social media, creating event pages when we are hosting a party or get-together, sending text messages, etc. Either way, I got my emails in and solidified my spot as a Dunkin host. A few weeks ago my Party Pack arrived in the mail, stuffed with a pound of Dunkin coffee, a box of Dunkin K-cups, some muffin cups for baking snacks, pens and shopping lists for my guests. To keep your party and host account in good standing, you must post reviews of the product and party pics. It doesn't get much simpler than that!

I hosted an open house style brunch, with various quick breads, muffins and of course coffee! We set up both of our Keurig coffee makers with My K-Cups and brewed a pot (or 2) in our 12 Cup Cuisinart. Along with my Dunkin Donuts Bakery Series Chocolate Glazed Donut, we served Dunkin Donuts Bakery Series Cinnamon Coffee Roll Coffee and Dunkin Donuts Bakery Series Caramel Coffee Cake Coffee. All of the Bakery Series coffees were delicious. The cinnamon and caramel were my favorite. Thanks to the flavor, they are a little sweeter than normal coffee and require minimal sugar or sweetener to compliment them. We served our coffee alongside some fresh Dunkin Donuts, from our local shop, as well as homemade bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, homemade coffee cake, blueberry muffins and fruit salad. We even served a coffee ice cream cake for dessert! The party was a great success and after feeding 17 people, cost less than $50 to host.

I loved hosting for House Party. It was a great opportunity to get my friends together and spread word about a new product for minimal cost and effort. I enjoy writing honest reviews and snapping pics at my get togethers already. I've since applied to host several other parties and I'm waiting to hear back! If you're interested in hosting a party yourself, let me know and I'll refer you to join!