Friday, August 3, 2018

How To Save Gifted Wine From the Trash

Single Serving Sangria

Who hasn't received a bottle of wine as a host or hostess that just wasn't quite palatable for their taste? Wine makes a great gift...when you are absolutely sure about the tastes and preferences of the person to whom you are gifting. Wine can be harder to shop for than clothing (at least you can eyeball a tshirt for the recipient and include a gift receipt if it doesn't fit. If that bottle gets popped and its too sweet or too dry its too late. So what to do?

Rather than pour that puppy down the drain, consider doctoring it up into an impromptu glass of sangria. First consider which direction the glass strays from your palate before deciding on a mixer. Too sweet? Grab the seltzer. Too dry? Grab the lemon-lime soda and some orange juice. (Consider a 1:1 ratio of wine to mix in.) This gives you a perfect summer spritzer. Feeling more adventurous? Why not mix in a bit of wine or liquor from your own cabinet to balance out the undesirable notes. Next check your fruit bowl or freezer for some complimentary fruit. Dice up a few strawberries or drop in some frozen blueberries. Voila, you've suddenly gone from drab to fab. Cheers!