Sunday, October 1, 2017

October - Dance in the Leaves

October is here and with that comes (at least in the Northeast) changing and falling leaves as the days turn crisp and the nights get cold. Fall has begun and winter is just around the corner, although with the temperature for majority of the last week in the 80's, you would never know. Finally, this weekend we are getting some seasonal weather and I'm getting inspired to dive into everything fall. That means pumpkin spice (yeah, I'm basic, tell me something I don't know), chai lattes, apple cider, fresh squash and my favorite, mulled red wine...basically, if i'ts not a shade of red, orange or brown, get it out of my face. 

seasonal trees

As the leaves are changing, take some time to peek out the window and notice your changing view. Soon there will be nothing but twigs out there once the last leaf has fallen. Take a minute to enjoy before bitching and moaning huffing and puffing about raking in them! No changing leaves in your neighborhood, no worries. I've made new freebie wallpaper for desktop, iPhone and Android featuring my "dance in the leaves" mantra. Make sure you give your devices a seasonal makeover by heading here.

dance in the leaves

The cooler fall days are my favorite time to curl up inside (or outside, with a blanket in the sunshine) with a good book and a warm beverage. As the days grow shorter and cooler, its the perfect time to get some books into my library and plan some DIY.

What I'm Reading

Where I'm Going

  • Grand Harvest Wine Festival
    One of my favorite days of the year (after my birthday, my anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's Day...etc). The Grand Harvest Wine Festival is a 6 hour outdoor wine tasting event. Each ticket holder receives a free wine glass and gets to go station to station tasting any wine offered by local wineries at the event. Patrons can back picnic baskets and blankets, purchase bottles of wine and make a day of it. My friends and I look forward to the Wine Festival every year!

What I'm Doing

  • Experimenting with the flavors of the season...dairy free pumpkin spice and chai recipes to come!
  • Exploring seasonal fruits and veggies...apples, beets, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and squashes.
  • Breaking out sweaters, flannel, floppy hats and riding boots.
  • Starting work on DIY Christmas Cards. Why buy when you can DIY? I'll be starting to put my Cricut into production mode again this month. It has been in part time retirement since the wedding.
  • Updating my Happy Planner for October and fall. Time to stamp and sticker ahead a little bit to make sure that I stay organized!
  • Getting ready for Halloween - look out for some free printables and DIY projects leading up to the spookiest day of the year.